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            Industry applications

                  Quanzhou rixin flow meter is a professional SBL digital target flow meter and RXDC differential type intelligent flow meter manufacture,They are a completely new force induction target flow meter developed absed on measurement principle of traditional target flow meter,making full use of most execllent features of the same,and in combination with new transducer technology and modern digital technology,this product not only features the characteristic of no movable part as in target flo wmeter,orifice flow meter and vortex flo wmeter,but also a measurement accuracy matching that of volumetric flo wmeter.In addition,this product has the perormance against interference and impurities,and is light and reliable,hence is widely used in petroleum industry,chemical engineering,energy industry,food industry,environmental protection,water conservancy, Ships, pharmaceutical, steel, metallurgy, coking, and road construction etc.
            Oil industry
            Rixin flow meters are received by customers in the past 15 years in petroleum industry,because of the pressure proof it can up to 72Mpa.even it can measurement negative pressure media, and the measurement temperature is widely:from -196℃~700℃...more>>
            Chemical industry
            Rixin flow meters has some prominent feature of High sensitivity and measurement accuracy, wide measuring range,LCD display,remote ransmission,easy to install and miaintain and so on, Can also according to the customer's special requirements, realize the batch control....more>>
            Energy industry
            Rixin flow meter can accurately measure the different conditions of liquid,gas,steam and viscous media,so has been widely used in the energy industry....more>>
            Food and pharmaceutical industry
            In the food industry,the health of consumers should be in the first place,so Rixin flow meter material choose stainless steel or fluorine materials to meet the health standards.it is health and beautiful....more>>
            Environmental protection, water, paper, shipping industry
            Rixin flow meters are easy installation and maintenance,no moving part,it's safe and reliable,small pressure loss,good repeatability,wide measurement range,also Rixin flow meter has some output functions as following:remote meter reading, 4~20mA,RS485/232,pulsel and hart transmission....more>>
            Metallurgy and coking industry
            Rixin flow meters for a variety of fluid media,not only It has high temperature and pressure resistance but aslo has acid and alkali resistant fuction.measurement accuracy,easy installation and maintenance,no moving party. Safe and reliable to use, can be widely used in iron and steel, metallurgy, coke industry....more>>

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