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            Home > Flow meter was developed for high temperature,high pressure and small flow rate

            Flow meter was developed for high temperature,high pressure and small flow rate

                   The built-in digital target flowmeter were independent research and development by quanzhou rixin flow meter and instrument co.,ltd. And it is a Patented product,the Patented No.is ZL0021624.9, And into national quality technology superivision bureau 1997 technology innovation special plan.In 2000,this item is a leading domestic and international advanced by the identification of science and technology, and won the third prize of scientific and technological achievements in quanzhou city in fujian province and the second prize of scientific and technological achievements. Rixin company Built below 1000mm-diameter liquid and gas actual flow detection device, Fujian Province, the only standard metering station, through a flow detection device of the China National Institute of Metrology certification, Fujian Institute of Metrology and Technical Supervision specified calibration laboratory for flowmeter testing
                   Rixin flow meter and instrument company withstand 15 years of market test and trials, has created a number of engineering research and development talent,also Technical personnel continue to update and improve the hardware and software,now the flow meter measurement range is wider than before,liquid range up to 1:300,gas up to 1:100 and the steam up to 1:30. in the past the temperature is -196℃~+450℃,but now the temperature can from -196℃~+700℃, minimal flow of liquid at before is 50L/h, and now it is 2L/h; the minimal flow of gas at before is 3m3/h, now it is 0.02m3/h; the max pressure at before is 42Mpa, now it is 105Mpa.. The upgraded version of the flowmeter focused on solving the non-zero drift problems.
                   The company has strong technology development strength, products are exported to over 20 countries including Turkmenistan, Jordan, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia.And Highly praised by domestic and foreign customers
                   Output form as following:0~10V,4~20mA,pulse,RS232/RS485, Remote meter reading, paperless recorder and HART.
                   The measurement media of liquid as:heavy oil, Coal tar, asphalt, heat conduction oil, diesel, liquid with corrosion, residual oil, resin, tallow, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, chemicals, methanol, polysilicon, additives, polypropylene
                   The measurement media of gas: Air, oxygen, argon, hydrogen, natural gas, coal gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), methane, butane, nitrogen, hydrogen peroxide, flue gas, coke oven gas

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