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            Customization flow measurement program

            Customization flow measurement program
                  Rixin flow international co.,limited with the understanding of a variety of flow meter conditions and a wealth of experience in flow meter industry,when Rixin’s people receiving information of each customer,they quickly provide customers with the most suitable appropriate flow measurement program,including flow meter model:flow meter model,connection type,measurement range,accuracy and flow meter installed pipeline design and installed of best location,output etc…..,Let customer in the first time to understanding measurement programme,combined with it’s own reality,quickly to make a choice,Rixin company to provide you with quick,quality technology services.In cases of need,Rixin company will send a senior technical personnel to the scene to observe,to provide technical advice and service. 
                  Each of Rixin flow meter is made according to customer’s special need,each flow meter must be the actual flow test, and detection devices of the Rixin company’s supported by the National Institute of Metrology certification.(Such as the right one shows) 
                  Quanzhou rixin flow instrumentation limited, always to the integrity of technical services, optimize the design, mature production technology, quality inspection equipment, strict testing means, providing each customer with the best and most reliable flowmeter.


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