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            Home > After-sales service of 24 hours a day

            After-sales service of 24 hours a day

            Rixin flow international co.,limited after-sale service:
            1、the mission ofafter-sale service engineer is to make sure the high accuracy and steadyoperation of the flow meter during life time.
            2、 the after-sale serviceengineer shall find out the design, installation and environment defect, andhelp customer resolve them.
            3、the after-sale serviceengineer must love our company, love after-sale service, always ready toservice customer, and always try their best to make every customer feel theprofession and consideration of rixin flow meter
            After-sale service promise:
            1、we offer all lifeafter-sale service for every flow meter sold by us
            2、term of three guarantee:18 month after delivery
            3、visit customer inregular and irregular term, and set up customer archive to make sure the activecondition and maintenance condition can be researched.
            4、service reaction term:within 2 hours for telephone service, within 48 hours for site service. Longerterm for some remote place.
            5、disclaimer clause termfor maintenance:
            Ⅰ when the installation is not in accordance with the principle of standardrequirement and annex technology file.
            Ⅱ rixin flow meter will charge some suitable fee for maintenance caused byhuman factor and inexorable factors.

            24 hours after-sale servicehotline: 13515056402

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