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                    RIXIN FLOW INTERNATIONAL CO.,LIMITED was founded in 1997,is a research, development, production, sales flowmeter professional firms.The inductive type flow meter has the essence of the traditional flow emter and modern technology,And it was developed by QUANZHOU RIXIN company.It obtained the patent and into national quality technology superivision bureau 1997 technology ...more>>

            Customization flow measurement program

            Quanzhou rixin flow meter and instrument co.,ltd with the understanding of a variety of flow......

            Flow meter was developed for high temperature,high pressure and small flow rate

            Rixin flow company has a group of high-intermediate engineering and technical

            After-sales service of 24 hours a day

            Rixin company for products provide lifelong maintenance, commitment to service response time for the phone to answer within 2 hours

            Product selection, User's Guide download

            To provide product selection specifications, User's Guide , convenient for customers to download

            Contact us>>

            Tel: 86-0595-22488448

            Fax:86- 0595-22460681







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